10 of the best bathroom designs

Bathroom design ideas

Before we get into the topic of bathroom decoration, think about the investment you want to make. Thoroughly review any changes that need to be made to the size and layout of the existing space that will account for a significant portion of your total cost.

Bathroom design is much more complicated than most people think. There are many mechanical elements behind the curtain that should be considered when designing functional and luxurious spaces.

In the following, we have listed luxury bathroom images and the best bathroom design ideas along with expert advice that will give you the necessary ideas and knowledge to implement your dream bathroom.

1- Add artwork to your bathroom

One of the often overlooked elements of bathroom design is wall art. In any other room in our homes, the artwork is always an integral element in interior design to give you color, personality, and a unique feel.

However, the use of artwork in bathroom design is often overlooked. This mistake can make your space look lifeless. However, this problem has a very simple solution. The use of works of art generally solves these problems.

2- Balance the harmony of the bathroom space by using fabric

When designing a bathroom, we focus more on practical things: bathroom fixtures, closets, flooring, and walls. However, the use of fabric should not be overlooked. Textiles are used not only to create charm in the bathroom but also to add color and layering.

Beauty is as important as functional elements in the design of a bathroom. We use fabric in bathrooms as much as we can because it reduces the cold feeling of the space.

3- Choose the most classic bathroom color designs

If you’re not sure what style to choose in your bathroom design, there’s no room to go wrong with a classic style: the blue and white bathroom idea is a classic color combination, as seen in the bathroom photo above, this color combination never gets old. can’t Blue and white can give a cold feeling to the bathroom in the wrong shade. The key to success is to analyze your bathroom and choose a blue color that complements it. Bathrooms that face north or east, or those with small windows, feel cold, so you need warm blue colors. Bathrooms facing south and west are naturally warmer, so cool colors can be used.

4- Build a home bath spa

The spa bath is a space to feel more relaxed, the essence of this style of bathroom design is to be able to relax in a luxurious space.

To execute the spa style, choose a luxurious tub with a chandelier above it to create a focal point, and also look for inspiring bathroom vanity ideas. Adding plants can be one of your options to complete this space.

5- Bathroom design with warm color

We want to go with rustic bathroom decor, but it can give your space a bit of a medical clinic feel. So why not look for an out-of-the-box solution?

Take this stone and olive bathroom as an example, isn’t the combination of elements delightful? Since these two colors have the same tone, it means that they have the same color intensity, neither is lighter or darker than the other, and the white floor tile acts as a canvas that maintains the harmony and beauty of the space.

6- Decorating the bathroom wall with wallpaper

When we think about decorating our bathroom, paint and tile are usually at the forefront and the idea of ​​bathroom wallpaper is usually overlooked. But moisture-resistant wallpapers can perform well.

If you don’t want more color added to your design, how can you make it work?

Polished bathroom wallpaper is a popular option for people looking for a luxurious look. Wallpaper is ideal for creating a focal point and adding a cohesive structure to a bathroom design. The use of metal elements in the bathroom is increasing day by day. The bronze color completely gives you a sense of luxury. The combination of a bathroom with a metal coating changes the feeling of the whole space.

7- Add different textures to your space

A bathroom vanity design idea can provide an opportunity to add a new texture to a space that often has hard, cold, and shiny surfaces. The bathroom in the photo above adds an attractive combination of relaxation to the bathroom decoration. The use of wood adds character and warmth to the style of the space while the rug is the main source of color.

8- Sauna

A sauna with dry heat is very useful for relaxing muscles and reducing stress. Look for designs with stylish panels or even glass walls for your personal sauna space. With the variety of wooden coverings, the sauna can be used in the design of the bathroom.

9- Bathroom in dark colors

Although some of us may prefer the idea of ​​bathroom design with bright colors, this type of design does not suit all tastes. A bathroom in dark colors certainly creates a cocoon-like feeling in us. This bathroom decor has three shades, all of which are well coordinated to give a certain warmth to the space. Gray and smoky wood are mainly used in the design of this space.

You should use some lighter elements to create a visual balance in the dark bathroom design. Light wood vanity with marble countertops and fluffy white towels balances this out nicely.

10- Create a relaxing atmosphere

On this point, you can use some features like colors that can give you the relaxing atmosphere that you want for yourself. Even need to understand that all of the are based on your taste.


In this article, we discussed 10 of the best bathroom designs that you can have for yourself, so if you want them properly, you can use the points that we mentioned in this article.

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